Many people whose work involves photographs and images, prefer to upload them on Google Drive as a backup for future use, however, the most worrisome thing for these people is the limited space of Google Drive which accommodation only a specific number of images based on their size. The only option left for these people is to buy extra space on Google Drive or use some useful tool to resize their images and files to save space on Google Drive. Buying extra space is expensive and resizing causes a loss of quality of images and files.

If you are also passing through this kind of scenario, then compressing and optimizing images and files is the best option. Many tools compress and optimize images, however, they cause a reduction in the quality of images and files.

Introducing ShortPixel Google Drive Optimizer, the best product for compressing and
optimizing images without reducing their quality.

What is ShortPixel?

ShortPixel Google Drive Optimizer is a powerful web-based tool that is used for compression and optimization of images and PDF files to reduce their size to save space on Google Drive which was occupied by them due to their large size. With this, you can compress images up to 80% and PDF files up to 50% without losing their quality.

Best alternative to : Clean Drive.

Best for : Solopreneurs, photographers, content creators, and power users that need extra storage space in Google Drive.

It is very easy to use and compress images and files without compromising their quality. Now there is no need to delete old important files from Google Drive for making more space with the use of ShortPixel Google Drive Optimizer.

Important Features of ShortPixel Google Drive Optimizer

Some important features which ShortPixel Google Drive Optimizer contains are:-

ShortPixel Google Drive Optimizer

Optimization of Image and PDF files

According to WordPress, ShortPixel is the most popular plugin used for image and PDF optimization as its active installations are over 300,000.

With just a single click, ShortPixel compresses bulk images. It can also optimize images that are not in the media library and have been added with the help of some other plugins. It compresses JPEG, GIF, PNG, PDF files, and WebP, either in a lossless or lossy format.

With the help of ShortPixel you can not only optimize images but also can compress JPG images (still or animated) into JPEG XR, JPEG, JPEG 2000, GIF and PNG and also PDF files.

It’s some other important features for image optimization include:-

  • Option to convert any PNG, JPEG or GIF image (still or animated) to AVIF and WebP.
  • Optimization of PNG formats large images into smaller JPG images without losing quality.
  • Easy optimization of thumbnails and featured images in bulk or individually as per requirement.
  • Scales down featured images into 2 different options, this feature is popular for resizing large images automatically.
  • A special tool for photographers because with an option of lossless compression, photographers can remove or keep EXIF data from their images.
  • Speed up the display of an image by using progressive JPEG especially for larger images.
  • You can test different versions (lossy, glossy and lossless) of your images present in the Media Library of your device with just a single click.
  • Creates local backup by saving the original images which you can restore in bulk or one by one with just one click.
  • Works very well with HTTP and HTTPS websites.
  • ShortPixel plugin can be run on a multisite or multiple websites with one API Key.
  • Useful for the website of eCommerce by using the WooCommerce plugin.
  • Works without any problem with Foo Gallery, NextGEN Gallery, and other galleries.

Compress Files

ShortPixel Google Drive Optimizer compresses PDF files present in Google Drive to make space for uploading new files and images. Its optimization and compression do not reduce the quality of files.

It provides you ample control over your files and images and how they will look once they are compressed by letting your choice of selecting from three different levels of compression which include Lossy, Glossy, and Lossless.

Organize Files

ShortPixel automatically organizes your files into folders and subfolders correctly which saves you from the big hassle of organizing them by yourself.

Download / Upload Compressed Files

You don’t have to monitor or wait for the whole process of compression and optimization as ShortPixel Google Drive Optimizer will send you an email that work has been done and it will automatically download and re-upload images and files in smaller sizes on Google Drive.

ShortPixel also has some other useful tools and plugins which are necessary for performing different tasks related to compression and optimization. These tools and plugins include:-

Website Plugins

  • WordPress Plugin. If you are using WordPress, this plugin will optimize all your images just in seconds with one click and will upload new optimized images automatically.
  • Adaptive Images WP Plugin. This plugin analyzes the pixel size of the image and replaces the original image with a scaled-down version to the needed size and then optimized.
  • ShortPixel Website Optimizer. This plugin helps in the optimization of images of the website to make it lite in loading

Client Tools

  • ShortPixel App for Android. This tool is helpful for smartphone users as it optimizes photos present in the gallery of your Android phone by making space for five times more photos.
  • ShortPixel Archive Optimizer. This tool helps in shrinking images as a zip archive for uploading.
  • Shortpixel App for Zapier. This App shrinks images that are located on Google Drive and Dropbox.

Developer Tools

  • Reducer API. This API shrinks URL based images through any programming language because it sends a request of an HTTP POST.
  • Post-Reducer API. This API helps you to shrink all those images which are not accessible or available online through a POST HTTP call.
  • Adaptive Images API. If you want to resize your images to next-generation formats like AVIF and WebP. This API is useful and it works on any kind of website.


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ShortPixel Google Drive Optimizer Pricing Plans

ShortPixel Google Drive Optimizer has different pricing and credit plans which include one-time plans, monthly plans, and lifetime deals.

One Time Credits Plan:

In a one-time credits plan you will get the following credits as per the price mentioned against each credit plan:-

  • For $ 9.99 you will get 10,000 credits.
  • For $ 19.99 you will get 30,000 credits.
  • For $ 29.99 you will get 50,000 credits.
  • For $ 59.00 you will get 100,000 credits.
  • For $ 99.00 you will get 170,000 credits.
  • For $ 249.00 you will get 500,000 credits.

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Monthly Credits Plan:

In the monthly credits plan you will get the following credits as per price:-

  • In the free version, you will get 100 credits per month.
  • For $ 47.90 you will get 7,000 credits per month.
  • For $ 99.90 you will get 16,000 credits per month.
  • For $ 299.90 you will get 55,000 credits per month.
  • For $ 499.90 you will get 100,000 credits per month.
  • For $ 999.90 you will get 220,000 credits per month.

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ShortPixel Google Drive Optimizer will shrink your images & PDFs so you don’t have to spend more money on storage.


  • Lifetime access to ShortPixel Google Drive Optimizer.
  • Unlimited Google Drive credits.
  • With just a single Google Drive account you will be able to do unlimited optimizations.
  • 200,000 credits for WordPress Image optimizer (one-time use).
  • Native backup of Google Drive.
  • 2 GB video file size limit
  • Options to choose optimization sizes and levels for images.
  • Optimization of PDF files.
  • Resizing of images

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Final Thoughts

ShortPixel Google Drive Optimizer is a useful tool that can compress your images and documents with just one click. It is user-friendly as it optimizes images and PDF files automatically to a smaller size without reducing their original quality. With the help of this tool, you can send files and images of large sizes to your friends and colleagues as attachments especially when you are looking to share important images and files through the web or email.

So if you are looking to compress images or optimize files to free space on Google Drive then go and grab a relevant deal of the ShortPixel Google Drive Optimizer.

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