In today’s world of information, content plays an essential role in bringing a website on top of search engines’ ranking. Do you want to rank your website or online business high but cannot write content? Then AI Writing Tools are on the market to assist you. They are potent content-creating tools that will generate content for you and cut short your work from weeks to days and even to hours.

How do AI Writers work?

AI writing tools generator unique content in a very technical but simple way. To generate content for a specific industry, AI Writers read a large portion of text related to that industry, then comprehend it and generate similar but unique content. Content generated by AI writers follows the best SEO and online copywriting practices. AI writers save time and money as in their presence; you don’t have to hire someone on payment for writing content.

What is the best AI Writing Software?

 There are many AI writing software is available in the market, which people use as per their requirements. There is a long list of AI writing tools. However, it is necessary to look for the best one. The best one will save your time and money and provide you with peace of mind. 

Here are the top ten AI writing tools in succeeding paras.

#1. Jasper

 Jasper, formally known as Jarvis, is an AI writing software that trained itself for writing original and creative content. Jasper consults the best Direct Response Marketing and SEO to create blog articles, website copy, social media posts, and many more.

Jasper reviews

Features of Jasper

  •  Boss Mode. Jasper writes high-quality, 100% unique, SEO-optimized blogs five times faster than usual with its boss mode.
  • Collaboration Tools. It has collaboration tools that use multiple skills in one document to create original, SEO-optimized, high-quality content. These tools also switch easily between each other for a fast turnaround.
  • Content Management. Jasper helps in organizing files and folders of multiple projects and clients. This feature keeps your team organized and saves time manually organizing files and folders. It has made it easy to manage various files/folders of different clients and to switch between multiple projects.
  •  Customizable Templates. Jasper enables you to have complete control over what it is writing and from which source. You can use Jasper to write from existing templates or outside sources as per your requirements.
  • Best for eCommerce. Jasper is best for eCommerce as it writes blog posts, books, and stories quickly that help promote eCommerce.
  • Designed for Sales Teams/Organizations. Jasper is specially designed for sales teams and organizations who want to promote their business with the help of unique and high-quality content.
  • Multi-Languages. Jasper knows more than 26 languages. Therefore, it will help in writing blogs in any language. It is beneficial to freelancers dealing with clients who have requirements as per their language.
  • SEO Management. Jasper has integration with that helps write as per keywords to rank your website high on the search engines.
  • Workflow Management. Jasper has multiple copywriting skills that help in the management of workflow. You can easily switch between different skills to write a perfect blog in a few minutes only.

Pros and Cons of Using Jasper


  • It is easy to use AI tool and contains tutorial videos.
  • The content produced by Jasper is excellent and of high quality that meets all requirements of SEO.
  • It helps those people who are busy running their Digital Marketing Agency and do not have enough time to produce content.
  • The developer of the product is quite responsive and easily accessible.


  • Few words once used by Jasper in a blog are never used again by terming them as illegal.
  • If you enter unique words for the blog but cannot use them, those words will disappear from your account.
  • Sometimes, Jasper includes some irrelevant text in the blog, which requires editing and causes wastage of time and effort.

Reasons for Choosing Jasper

  •  It is easy to use even for a person who does not know about AI tools.
  • It helps produce better content with the less counter-check requirement.
  • It helps in iterating texts and helps in better communication.

Jasper helps content writers, marketers, and entrepreneurs for writing high-quality text. It can write blog articles, marketing emails, Facebook ads, website copy, and many more. It works great with large numbers of niches and industries.

#2. Rytr

Rytr is an AI writing tool that assists in producing high-quality content for blog posts, articles, emails, ads, social media, and many more in a short time with minimal cost. Rytr helps you save your precious time and money for writing high-quality copies.

Rytr reviews

Features of Rytr

  • Variety of Tools. For the generation of high-quality content, Rytr uses 30+ templates and use cases, 30+ languages to write in any language, 20+ tones of voice, and scientific formulas of copywriting, i.e., PAS and AIDA.
  • Grammar, Tone, and Sentence Checking. Rytr checks grammar errors, evaluate written words’ tone, and ensures that sentences are correctly formatted.
  • Plagiarism Check. Rytr not only checks grammar mistakes but also checks plagiarism.
  • Content Ideas and Generation. Rytr provides ideas for topics based on content and vice versa. It also generates sentences, paragraphs, articles, and forms based on topic, sample text, and provided information.
  • Product Type. Rytr has several choices in terms of its usage on different platforms. It is available not only for the standalone computer but also as a plugin that can be used with any browser and other documents.
  • Content Management. Rytr, with its content management feature, administers all your content from creation to storage and deletion. With this feature, it organizes, creates, store, edit, publish, and remove/delete the content as per requirements.
  • Content Scheduler. This feature helps users publish their content at the best time by analyzing data about their audience, industry, and competitors.

Pros and Cons of Using Rytr


  • Rytr’s UI and intuitive nature provide great options for selecting text’s tone and customizing/modifying it according to requirement.
  • It generates a vast amount of text in just a few seconds, saving time and money.
  • It generates large form text and produces short-form text like product descriptions, profiles, meta descriptions, reviews, testimonials, video descriptions, and many more.
  • It has a plugin and extension that can be used in any text editor and browser.
  • It is an excellent tool equally for experts and occasional users as only a few basic functions are required to use it.


  • Rytr counts characters instead of words, making it a bit expensive AI writing tool.
  • It should look into the market that many other AI writing tools are offering more at this price.
  • Occasionally, it becomes challenging to write with Rytr when there are more sophisticated topics.
  • Provision of accurate data for content seems less in Rytr as we have to correct it ourselves.

Reasons for Choosing Rytr

  • It is user-friendly and provides excellent value for your money by saving time.
  • It offers various templates specifically produced for different niches and industries.
  • A human copywriter checks content produced by Rytr that reduces the risk of publishing low-quality content.
  • For people searching for a valuable but straightforward AI writing tool at a low price, Rytr is the best choice.

Rytr helps copywriters and digital marketers to create better content more efficiently. This AI writing tool is used by over 500 agencies worldwide, including big names such as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. Rytr can generate up to 100 articles per hour.

#3. Peppertype

Peppertype is a cloud-based AI writing tool that helps make articles, blogs, and reports. With Peppertype, you can generate a large number of better content for your business and website in just a few seconds. It has many advanced features that can help you write your work fast and efficiently.

Peppertype reviews

Features of Peppertype

  • Campaign Management. Peppertype, with its campaign management feature, plans ideas for text, executes those ideas into the real text, keeps track of generated content, and analyzes its utility according to market requirements.
  • Content Management. Peppertype manage all type of content it is generating. It manages all your content from its creation to deletion or storage as per your requirement, which can be used in future.
  • Customizable Branding. Peppertype allows you to customize the content you want to generate as per your brand’s requirements. It also suggests ideas for making the brand more optimized to compete in the market.
  • Customizable Templates. Peppertype has a large number of customizable templates. You can use those templates with minimal editing or changes, which saves your time generating new content altogether.
  • Full-Text Search. With its full-text search feature, Peppertype helps index your content and pages on search engines for better ranking and generating text as per the customer’s query.
  • Multi-Channel Campaigns. Peppertype uses multi-channel campaigns to spread marketing messages to promote your business. Those multi-channel campaigns include mobile, social media, email, television, display ads, print, and many more.
  • Multi-Language. Peppertype can understand and generate content in major languages of the world, making it a more popular and best AI writing tool.
  • Predictive Analytics. With its predictive analytics feature, Peppertype uses data, statistics, and different techniques to predict the likelihood of the future. It helps you in planning and writing your content as per future requirements.
  • Process/Workflow Automation. As people, data and technology are involved in AI writing. Therefore, Peppertype uses workflow automation to automatically design, streamline, execute, and automate different tasks.
  •  Reporting and Statistics. Peppertype creates reports of its generated text and records their statistics, which are helpful in writing content on the same topic in the future.
  • SEO Management. Peppertype generates content and ideas as per SEO strategy for maximizing results on search engines and achieving the marketing and sales goals of the business.
  • Text Editing. This feature of Peppertype helps in changing the generated text by adding or deleting words, sentences, headings, and paragraphs to finalize its according to the customer’s requirement.
  • Workflow Management. Peppertype manages workflow by organizing all tasks related to content creation in a specific sequence like planning content generation, developing ideas for content, and executing those ideas for the creation of content.

Pros and Cons of Using Peppertype


  • It helps create a huge amount of text just in a few seconds, which saves time and money.
  • Peppertype is easy to use and has many templates that help create ideas for content generation.
  • Although many free AI writing tools are available, the content generated by Peppertype has no match in quality.
  • Peppertype management team is quite responsive and solves the issues of its customers very quickly.


  • Sometimes, it includes only numbers in content without citing any source, which becomes useless for citation.
  • When Peppertype creates a large copy of the content, it has many typos which need attention.
  • It has some errors and bugs when using languages excluding English.
  • Sometimes, it repeats a few points, especially when content is created in huge quantity.

Reasons for Choosing Peppertype

  • It is affordable at this price with high-quality content.
  • It quickly creates marketing copy and generates content ideas ideal for any business.
  • Content created by Peppertype is always engaging, and it performs well on search engines, social media, and ads.
  • Its free trial makes it easy for the customer to observe its features before purchasing.

Peppertype is a useful AI writing tool as it can create 35 different kinds of content. It is specially designed for founders of some businesses who don’t have enough time to write content, marketing teams that are busy with some other tasks, content creators who are writing large content, agencies that are looking to impress their clients, product managers who want to rank their product high and SEO folks who are looking for some new ideas.

#4. WordHero

 WordHero is an AI writing tool that creates original blog posts, emails, social media content, and many more in a few seconds with just one click. It automatically generates human-like plagiarism-free content.

WordHero reviews

Features of WordHero

  •  Advanced AI-Language Model. Word Hero has one of the most advanced models of AI language globally, with over 175 billion parameters of machine learning.
  • Blog Content. WordHero helps generate ideas, entire outline, titles, snippets, and introductions for blog content.
  • Marketing Content. WordHero provides unlimited suggestions for social media headlines and captions, marketing ideas, Facebook and Google ads descriptions, and emails.
  • Sales Copywriting. WordHero also generates content for sales that include product descriptions, ideas for funnels, benefits, and the use of an expander to turn bullet point ideas into sale copy.
  • Ideas, Lists, and More. WordHero writes content for you and provides unlimited suggestions related to your business. Those suggestions include marketing ideas, offers, brand logos, names, and many more.
  • Poetry & Song Lyrics. WordHero also polishes your creativity by writing unlimited song lyrics, poetry, book titles, fictional stories, and video descriptions.
  • New Tools Coming. WordHero also introduces new tools almost every week that shape its future and make it a very competitive AI writing tool.

Pros and Cons of Using WordHero


  • It is effortless to use.
  • Features have been incorporated at lightning speed.
  • It helps in generating articles rapidly in large quantities.
  • It generates unlimited content each month.


  • In some areas, there is a need to improve the quality of content.
  • Some functions are less or not working correctly.
  • Despite having good content, still, it is unbaled to beat human beings.

Reasons for Choosing WordHero

  • Writing content is not an easy task, and it takes a lot of time and effort. WordHero saves countless hours of research and writing.
  • A good human writer is always expensive. WordHero reduces reliance on these writers and saves millions of dollars.
  • It completes one project and launches next quickly with a great result and high quality.

WordHero is helpful for entrepreneurs, marketers, or writers to save their precious time and money by generating high-quality blogs, social media content, ads, emails, product descriptions, sales copy, and many more in a few clicks.

#5. Nichesss

Nichesss is an AI writing tool helpful in writing emails, social media posts, landing pages, Facebook and Google Ads, Reddit posts, newsletters, etc., within a short time by clicking a button only.

nichesss reviews

Features of Nichesss

  • Over 100 Tools. Nichesss main features include over 100 tools that you can use for creating content. Major tools include:-
  • Appsumo Style App Description. With Nichesss, you can describe your app in Appsumo-style.
  •  Blog Post. Nichesss can generate listicle items, titles in listicle style, conclusion, ideas for titles, and an intro for any given blog post. It can also break down your blog post into an outline by making it easy for you to write accordingly.
  • Books. Nichesss can generate books title based on the company’s profile and write a description of the book based on the book’s title and company’s profile.
  • Business Name Generator. You can get a unique name for your business through Nichesss.
  • Content Expander / Improver. It also expands content by making short content longer and improving existing content to be more engaging and exciting.
  • Courses. Nichesss provides courses titles and module lists and creates course descriptions based on keywords and titles.
  • Dialogue. Nichesss can write a scenario of 2 people talking about any topic.
  • Product Name Generator. Nichesss generates a name for your product and describes it.
  • Email Subject. With Nichesss, you can write the subject and the body of any email.
  • Editorial Magazine Intro / Outro. Nichesss can write the intro and outro of an editorial magazine.
  • Explains Like a Professor. Nichesss will explain any question to you like a professor.
  • Facebook Ads / Posts. Nichesss is also able to write paid Facebook ads and thanksgiving posts.
  • FAQ – Questions / Answers Generator. Now no need to worry about the FAQ section as Nichesss will write both answers and questions for you.
  • Google Ads. Nichesss can write paid Google ads, tackle problems related to ads, and generate ads based on keywords.
  • Horoscope Generator. Based on the zodiac sign, you can generate a horoscope with Nichesss.
  • Image Posts. Nichesss also generates blog posts of an image to target a product from a marketing point of view.
  • Job Description. You can write roles, responsibilities, skills, and qualifications in the job description through Nichesss.
  • Landing Pages. With Nichesss, you can decorate and write headlines for your landing page.
  • LinkedIn. Nichesss is also able to write bio and post of any LinkedIn account.
  • Motivational Post. Based on the provided theme, Nichesss can generate motivational posts along with the use of emojis.
  • Networking Outreach. You can write the conversational message for any person with Nichesss by providing some details about the person and your desire to talk about.
  • News Outlet Style Intro. Nichesss can generate a news outlet-style intro based on the given title.
  • Pin Board. You just give the title, and Nichesss will generate a description for your Pinterest posts.
  • Poetry. With Nichesss, you can write a poem about love or any topic.
  • Poll. You can also write questions and answers for the poll with Nichesss.
  • Product. In the presence of Nichesss, you need not worry about product description, product title, how to use the product paragraph, review of the production, and expand the short review.
  • Psychology Tips. Nichesss can give you psychology tips based on keywords.
  • Quora Answers. Nichesss also gives answers to your questions in Quora style.
  • Quote Generator. You can also generate quotes through Nichesss.
  • Real Estate. Nichesss creates property descriptions and gives reasons for buying the property.
  • Recipes. Nichesss can create a recipe on a given dish name from the existing template.
  • Resignation Letter. Now writing resignation letters is not difficult, just provide job’s title and reason for leaving a job and leave the rest to Nichesss.
  • Sales. For increasing your sale, Niches creates the AIDA formula, the Before-After-Bridge formula, the Feature-Advantage-Benefit formula, the Pain-Agitate-Solution formula, and the Problem-Promise-Proof-Proposal formula.
  • Story Creation. Just give a sentence to Nichesss, and it will write a creative story for you.
  • SEO. Nichesss has a complete solution for SEO, including Meta descriptions, Meta keywords, and title tags for your page.
  • Short Post. Nichesss can create a generic short post, an uplifting post, and a short post for ads.
  • Simple Marketing Strategy. Nichesss provides a short and straightforward marketing strategy for business.
  • Simplify for a Child. With the help of Nichesss, you can make any written piece easier to read for a child.
  • Slogan Maker. You can make a slogan for your business through Nichesss.
  • SQL Query. You can simply create an SQL query from a sentence.
  • YouTube. Nichesss creates descriptions, keywords, opening lines, ideas for videos and channels of YouTube.

Pros and Cons of Nichesss


  • You cannot find a better AI writing tool than Nichesss for profitable niche markets with affordable prices.
  • You can create more content concisely with Nichesss, which a human being cannot do.
  • It automatically generates all writing pieces, and you need to provide the title, short description, or keywords.
  • It doesn’t get bored during writing tasks as a human being does.
  • Consistent and fast content generation allow you to write maximum answers to questions and cover more topics.


  • Since Nichesss uses machine learning algorithms. Therefore its data cannot be like a human being.
  • It lacks the magic touch to the written piece that a human being provides.
  • Sometimes, its content is full of plagiarism. Therefore, try to check content for possible plagiarism.

Reasons for Choosing Nichesss

  • It has almost made it impossible to possible.
  • It can create content for numerous industries, including entertainment, culture, business, education, and customer experience.
  • It can quickly generate a video/movie script and a television show with just a title or a few keywords.

Nichesss covers almost all writing pieces ranging from a cat to exercise, personal style to a specific topic or product. It is perfect for those who are waiting to write from their heart. To increase the sale of your product, you cannot afford boredom while creating content which is only possible with Nichesss.

#6. Writecream

Writecream is an AI writing tool that helps write all kinds of copywriting needs. It can write all types of ads, descriptions of products, blogs posts, social media posts, and marketing campaigns like backlinks, LinkedIn InMails, cold emails, etc.

Writecream reviews

Features of Writecream

  • AI Article Writer. Writecream generates long-form blog posts, SEO articles, and video scripts just in a few minutes. In less than 30 minutes, it can write 1,000 words article.
  • Ads. You can generate ads for Google and Facebook with just one click by adding only your business or company’s name and its nature of work.
  • Social Media Content. AI power of Writecream will do everything for your social media content starting from ideas to writing complete content.
  • Writer’s Block. Now you will not be staring at blank screens while writing content due to copywriting tools of Writecream based on Pain-Agitate-Solution and Before-After-Bridge.
  • Marketing Content. Writecream creates personalized introductions of cold outreach promotions, and those outreaches include LinkedIn InMails, cold emails, backlinks, and connection requests.
  • Image & Audio Icebreakers. With the help of Writecream, you can personalize any game with human-sound and image icebreakers as per your prospect.
  • YouTube Voice-Over and Podcast. Writecream has 40+ voices with multilingual support, and you can turn any blog post into a human-sound and human-sound into a blog post.
  • 75+ Languages. With Writecream, you can select any language from over 75 languages for text, image, and audio outputs.

Pros and Cons of Writecream


  • Overall, Writecream is a great and fast tool with outstanding output.
  • It is easy to use, you need to add some text, and it carries out the rest of the work with excellent results.
  • Writecream is good as it focuses on personalized content.
  • It has impressed me with the number of options available for writing and output quality.
  • Wrtiecream’s team has got 16 planned improvements in their AI writing tool, which is impressive.


  • Wrtiecream’s text output for a blog post is still shorter than required and needs improvement.
  • Sometimes, the translation of a topic done by Writecream is wrong; therefore, you need to reread its complete work.
  • There is a need to add some additional scripts in the Writecream tool for Cold LinkedIn.
  • Its name doesn’t look professional, and it seems so cheesy.

Reasons for Choosing Writecream

  • Writecream writes a personalized introduction of your post as prospect visitors based on their education, work, and experience.
  • Personalized content generated by Writecream will increase your sale by soaring rates and conversions.
  • With its marketing strategy, Writecream will increase your sale and rank your business high on search engines.

Writecream is one of the best AI writing tools available in the Information Technology and AI market. It helps you write all types of content, including social media, ads, blogs posts, and many more.

#7. Bramework

Bramework is an AI writing tool that helps write engaging, long-form, SEO-friendly blog posts by cutting your writing time to half. With Bramework, you can write faster, smarter, and better in just a few simple steps. In the first step, enter the topic or primary keyword. In the second step, add questions or additional keywords, and in the third step, click create, and it will generate content within seconds.

Bramework reviews

Features of Bramework

  • No More Writer’s Block. You have to do keyword research, make a title and an outline, then write content for writing content. However, all these tedious steps become easy in the presence of Bramework, can generate quality blog posts faster than others.
  • Keyword Research. Now you don’t need to use several tools for doing keyword research as Bramework’s Keyword Analyzer feature will provide you phrases, trends, and most relevant questions.
  • Increase Brand Awareness. Bramework promotes your brand in the market with the generation of quality SEO-friendly content. It also reaches readers, increases website traffic, and spreads your brand’s message.
  • Increase Website Traffic. AI Content Generator of Bramework can create top-quality content in seconds to increase your website’s traffic with the right audience. You can convert those viewers into leads.
  • Save Time Writing. Bramework generates original content for blog posts in a few minutes that requires your personal touch of a few minutes only.
  • Improve SEO Ranking. Bramework attracts more visitors from social media and Google by using SEO Booster and suggests steps to enhance the ranking of your post.
  • Image Finder. With this feature of Bramework, you can find optimized free stock images related to your post.

Pros and Cons of Using Bramework


  • The design of Bramework makes it excellent and easy to work with.
  • Its flow of generating content and precision of its generated content makes it stand out.


  • Summarizing content is one of the best features of any AI writing tool, which is not available with Bramework.
  • At present, keyword Explorer of Bramework is limited, which needs more data.

Reasons for Choosing Bramework

  • Bramework is very easy to understand and use. You can quickly decide with Bramework what you have to write on a specific topic.
  • The step-by-step guide of Bramework works well and makes it very easy for an average blogger and non-blogger.
  • The interface of Bramework is sleek, its functionality is smooth, and it helps in the whole writing process.
  • For SEO specialists and content marketers, it is a game-changer as it saves time on research and writing.

 Every blogger has been writing blog posts manually, looking for the proper titles, passing through the keyword search process, deciding the blog’s length, layout, SEO, image alt text, and Meta tags for their businesses which consume a lot of time. Now there is no need to waste your precious time doing all this, which ignores your business as Bramework is there to do all this for you in less time.

#8. Writesonic

Writesonic is an AI writing tool that generates AI-powered content. Writesonic generated content to boost website traffic and SEO. Writesonic generates top-quality blog posts, articles, Google and Facebook ads, landing pages, product descriptions, emails, and many more in a few seconds only.

Writesonic reviews

Features of Writesonic.

Writesonic knows very well how to generate content as per your need which will resonate audience.

  • ]Website Copy. Writesonic creates copies for landing pages, headers, feature to benefit, and SEO Meta descriptions.
  • ]Digital Ads Copy. Writesonic creates digital ads for Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • ]Article/Blog Copy. Writesonic generates AI-based articles, blog ideas, intros and outlines, article summaries, rephrase and expand content, fix grammar, and check readability.
  • ]eCommerce Copy. Writesonic also generates eCommerce copies, including Amazon product titles, descriptions, features, and Amazon sponsored ads, and generates sales emails.
  • ]Copywriting Formulas. Writesonic uses Pain-Agitate-Solution and AIDA formulas for copywriting.
  • ]Other Tools. Writesonic writes other copies, including press releases, startup ideas, company and personal bios, product names, growth ideas, and YouTube video copy.

Pros and Cons of Using Writesonic


  • Writesonic generated content is always engaging, unique, and high quality.
  • Writesonic has the division of dedicated tools and topics which make it the best and an excellent AI writing tool.
  • Its free trial tells about its every feature, making it easy to choose the required package.
  • It works with various languages and provides outstanding results in each language.


  • Sometimes Writesonic takes weeks to describe a specific product.
  • Some suggestions related to headings and sub-headings are missing.
  • It uses credits for minor changes, which increases its cost.

Reasons for Choosing Writesonic

  • ]With Writesonic, there is no issue with generating content, topics, introductions, and newsletters.
  • ]Writesonic saves time which a human being spends and does work quickly and efficiently.
  • ]It is quite a competitive AI writing tool for long-form and short-form content.
  • ]Writesonic provides an opportunity to look into all its features through a free trial before purchasing any plans.

Writesonic is one of the best AI writing tools as it has a range of pricing plans and different options for everyone. Writesonic will help you with the creation of high-quality, engaging content. Using Writesonic means you have a copywriter with you who is always ready to help with any kind of content.

#9. Scalenut

 Scalenut is an AI writing tool that provides a scalable and straightforward way to generate content according to the goals of your business. With Scalenut, you will get professional AI tools and creators that will help you to race in your competitions. Scalenut delivers all forms of content, whether long or short.

Scalenut reviews

Features of Scalenut

  • SEO Focused Outlines. With just a single targeted keyword, Scalenut gives a full-fledged outline and reports of content which are helpful in SEO.
  • Ideas for Content. Scalenut will provide unlimited ideas for content, blog posts, ad copies, product descriptions, blog intros, email headers, and many more with just one click of a button.
  • Generating Long-Form Content. Scalenut’s AI-powered tool generates long-form of content in a few seconds. You can use that content to boost the SEO of your business.
  • High-Quality Content. Scalenut produces high-quality content itself and provides timely feedback on content’s quality through its SEO Assistant. Feedback includes word count, the readability score, and many more.
  • Services of Top Content Professionals. Scalenut has several professional creators with vast experience in the writing industry who can help you.

Pros and Cons of Using Scalenut


  • Scalenut creates the layout for content after taking data from Google, which is very helpful in writing content through AI tools.
  • It creates a report that you can share with clients and your team to analyze competitions, SEO scores, and content.
  • Concerning its price, Scalenut is almost affordable to anyone.
  • The management team of Scalenut is very committed to taking feedback from customers to make it a superb product.


  • It is challenging to identify the exact topic to create content from SEO research through Scalenut. 
  • It became difficult for small business owners to write as they had to do other tasks.
  • Presently, Scalenut has lacked integration with other languages and WordPress.

Reasons for Choosing Scalenut

  • Scalenut is the only AI writing tool that provides 100% human beings like writing.
  • The quality of content generated by Scalenut is excellent, regardless of its form, i.e., short-form or long-form.
  • The text produced by Scalenut is always factual.
  • Scalenut has almost 40 templates for emergency writing, especially in long-form content.

Scalenut is an ideal AI writing tool for content strategists who can create many copies with ease. It is helpful for content creators who are looking for a fast run out of their work, for founders who want to make their brand beautiful and visible, and for agencies who can use this AI tool to meet their clients’ deadlines.

#10. Outranking

Outranking is an SEO AI content writing software and an optimization tool to speed up organic manifestation. Outranking works on content writing workflow, powerful SEO scoring, SERP analysis, and AI writing assistance. It also helps in accelerating the ROI of content.

outranking reviews

Features of Outranking

  • SEO Content Editor. Outranking uses best SEO practices and search engine ranking data to optimize new and existing content without any prior knowledge of SEO.
  • Outline Builder. Writing high-quality, engaging content and then making sure that it ranks high on Google requires a lot of research. Outranking automates that research to help you build an outline of your content very quickly through its AI-powered tools.
  • Concepts. Outranking generates factual content through its Concepts engine, which reads, researches, and extracts to train AI Assistant for superior writing.
  • Workflows. Outranking has prebuilt AI workflows that generate brilliant content with minimum effort.
  • Methods. To create engaging content to attract more customers, Outranking uses methods through AI templates.
  • Quick Wins. With Outranking, you can scan your website ranking and find all those pages to optimize easily and quickly.

Pros and Cons of Using Outranking


  • Outranking helps improve the website’s SEO ranking, which increases the website’s organic traffic.
  • It is an excellent AI writing tool that improves a website’s search engine rankings based on organic traffic.
  • It delivers affordable and high-quality content which is engaging.
  • It is all in one fantastic SEO tool that also optimizes content.


  • Outranking do not have SERP analysis and keywords lookup for both desktop and mobile, which cause loss of credits.
  • The tool seems a bit difficult to learn, and its interface does not seem user-friendly instead, it is messy.

Reasons for Choosing Outranking

  • Outranking not only suggests keywords for your content but also helps improve the content to make it more engaging.
  • It delivers high-quality affordable SEO-based content that ranks high on search engines.
  • It does not optimize content and supports many other languages other than English.
  • Its tool for outline builder is straightforward to use, and it generates an excellent structure of the article.

Outranking is an excellent AI writing tool that not only optimizes your content but also crushes your competitors in the market through its engaging content. Outranking generated content ranks higher on search engines that increase website organic traffic.

Final Thoughts

AI writing tools help you in many ways to create content, implement an SEO strategy, marketing of businesses, etc. AI writing tools save time as they pull data from different online sources much faster than humans and write original and optimized content. These tools help create an outline, content, blog posts, initial drafts, final edits, content tone, the inclusion of keywords, and checking plagiarism only in a few minutes. These AI writing tools not improve productivity by writing more content in less time but also save money as they are much cheaper than human content creators.

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