UpLead is a powerful sales and marketing intelligence platform that helps businesses find new customers, generate leads, and build targeted marketing campaigns. The platform offers a suite of tools and features designed to make it easy for businesses to identify and engage with potential customers, and to track the success of their marketing efforts over time.

Best alternative to : AeroLeads, Lead411, ZoomInfo SalesOS, LeadIQ.

Best for :Businesses looking to grow faster.

Overall, UpLead is a powerful and versatile platform that offers a wide range of features and tools designed to help businesses generate leads and build targeted marketing campaigns. Its extensive database of business contacts, coupled with its powerful search and engagement tools, make it a valuable resource for businesses of all types and sizes looking to expand their customer base and grow their revenue.


Features of Uplead

UpLead is its integrations with a range of popular marketing and sales tools.

⇒Accuracy Guarantee
95% accuracy guarantee. Fewer bounces, higher open rate. Prospect with the highest accuracy for B2B contacts. If we don’t find the right email for your leads, we don’t charge you.

⇒Real-time Prospecting
List building as easy as clicking. Click on any search filter and see your list of prospects update in front of your eyes. No waiting around, no processing — build your lists in real-time.

⇒Advanced Search
Target the right prospects. Laser focus on your ideal buyer using location, industry, revenue, size and many other filters. Give your sales and marketing teams the right data to boost sales.

Turn leads into sales. Push leads straight to your favorite CRM, outreach tool or a CSV file that feeds your campaigns. Free yourself and your VAs from doing data entry.

⇒Real-time Verification
Verify emails on the fly. Click to unlock emails for your contacts. If we find a valid email, we’ll reveal it. If the email we find is invalid, we won’t show it — and won’t charge you for it.

⇒Controlled Downloads
Full control on which emails you want to download. Choose to ignore or download accept-all and catch-all emails. Your credits remain untouched if you choose not to download.

⇒Always Fresh Data
Our data doesn’t go stale, because we don’t sit on it. Every single time you get an email from UpLead, we check to make sure it’s accurate. We call it real-time verification, and no other tool does it.

⇒Bulk Email Verification
Thousands of emails verified in seconds. Real-time email verification and email cleansing. Clean up your lists before you start doing outreach. Make sure your emails land in your prospect’s inbox.

⇒Contacts Enrichment
Get contact information for your leads. Upload a list of names and companies and append key contact data such as email address, phone number, social links and more.

⇒Companies Enrichment
Pre-qualify companies with sales intelligence. Upload a list of URLs and get company name, sales volume, number of employees, industry, social links and more.

⇒Email Enrichment
Know your leads on a personal level. Upload a list of emails and unlock your prospects’ name, title, phone number, social links and more.

⇒Zero-waste Downloads
Pay only for verified matches. Our data enrichment engine tells you how many matches we find for your lists before you export them. You have full control on how many records you want to enrich and download.

⇒95% Accuracy
The Best Email Finder: We back up our accuracy with a guarantee. Similar tools won’t disclose their accuracy rate because it’s too low or they simply can’t guarantee it. We say it upfront: 95% data accuracy.

Find emails by company or URL. Enter a contact name and company name or URL and get your lead’s valid email in seconds.

⇒Valid Emails
Real emails — no guesses. You don’t want to pay to access guessed emails or guessed email patterns. UpLead’s Email Finder only works with known, verified emails.

⇒Bulk Email Lookup
Grab thousands of emails in seconds. Upload a list with names and companies and get emails, phone numbers, social profiles and more, at once.

⇒Lead Qualifying
Focus on companies that buy what you sell. Instantly generate lists of qualified leads based on which technologies your ideal buyers use — or haven’t used yet.

⇒Real-time Prospecting
Build lists on the spot. Type in HubSpot, Amazon or Microsoft and instantly see all the contacts at companies using that technology. No waiting times.

⇒Technology Exclusion
Don’t waste time on bad-fit companies. Exclude technologies from your search to find instantly-qualified companies or filter out accounts that would never buy from you.

⇒Chrome Extension
See their tech-stack while you browse. Use our Chrome extension to pull up information on companies as you browse their website. Click to see what technologies they use.

⇒Prospector Api
Add sales intelligence to your product. Find contacts and emails associated with a company, job title, job function, management level and location.


Uplead Pricing Plans

Uplead offers the most user-friendly interface to edit & design online courses.

utobo comes with 4 pricing plan

Free Trial, Essentials, Plus, and Professional.

Free Trial $0/Month (5 Credits) :

  • Single User
  • Verified Emails and Phone Numbers
  • Mobile Direct Dials
  • Data Enhancement
  • Competitor Intelligence
  • Technographics
  • Stripe integration
  • CRM Integration
  • Chrome Extension
  • No Contract

Essentials $99/Month 170 Credits) :  Additional Credits $0.60

  • Single User Account
  • Verified Emails and Phone Numbers
  • Mobile Direct Dials
  • Company News
  • CRM Integration
  • Chrome Extension
  • No Contract

Plus $199/Month 400 Credits) :  Additional Credits $0.50

  • All Features in Essentials +
  • Single User Account
  • Data Enrichment
  • Company News Alerts
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • Suppression List Uploads
  • Technographics
  • Enrichment API
  • Email Pattern Intel
  • No Contract

Professional $399/Month 1000 Credits) :  Additional Credits $0.40

  • All Features in Plus +
  • Team Account -up to 5 Users*
  • All Search Filters
  • Full API Access
  • Prospector pro API
  • Competitor Intelligence
  • *1 user Included
    $60/mo per Additional User


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Final Comment

UpLead is a valuable resource for businesses of all types and sizes looking to expand their customer base and grow their revenue. Additionally, the platform’s integration with popular CRM and marketing automation tools, along with its advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, make it a versatile and powerful solution for any sales and marketing team.