If you want to enhance your website’s traffic, you have to either pay for a high-cost advertisement or write the best quality content regularly.

Writing content and then publishing it is a laborious process that needs multiple resources. Many tools are used for writing and publishing content. However, it is pretty tricky; how would you choose the best?

There are many blog organization tools. However, Blogely is the best among all these.

What is Blogely?

Blogely is an application that creates/manages the content and helps you research, creates, and publishes original content on WordPress in any language.

Best alternative to : Contently, RankIQ, and Upwork.

Best for : content creators: bloggers, website owners, writers, freelancers, copywriters, editors, niche builders, startups, content managers and marketing directors.

It is the best application for overcoming all your blogging adventures and helps create quality content that is more accessible and faster. In addition, it publishes original, crafted content that ranks high with its marketing features.

Features of Blogely

Blogely is an intelligent tool used to create, optimize, distribute and manage content and distribution across all the platforms. Its features make it the best blog organization tool.

⇒Easy to Use

Its asset panel, rich text editor, and drag-and-drop outline system makes it easy to use application for writing.

⇒Complete Organization

It organizes everything, including research files, documents, images, notes, blocks, templates, schedules, backups, portfolios etc., in one place.

⇒Content Discovery and Research

With Blogely, you will prepare a research document in just a few minutes. It collects the top 100 SERP results along with statistics and questions. This feature also helps in building the list of related keywords.

⇒Blog List Synchronization

It brings the list of all blog articles by synchronization in a few seconds. Out of this list, Blogely decides and imports articles for future improvement or revision.

⇒SEO Optimization

While using Blogely for SEO optimization, prior experience, coding, and technical skills are not required. It optimizes articles quickly without any expert and integrates with RankMath and Yoast SEO.

⇒Easy Import and Export

You can save your precious time with its import and export feature. In the presence of Blogely, there is no need to search content in Word documents or in Google, which is a time-consuming process.

⇒Compete SEO Heatmaps

With the help of selected topics, it identifies your competitors and keywords essential for this competition. Blogely gets the detail of the SEO score for each keyword and competitor.

⇒Plagiarism Scanner

It scans your content for plagiarism with the help of a 3rd party scanner, i.e. CopyLeaks which helps fix your content quickly.

⇒Quick Publish

Without logging into WordPress, Blogely directly publishes blog articles to connected websites, making it a real time saver.

Blogely - An excellent all-in-one blog writing platform

⇒Editorial Calendar

The editorial calendar of Blogely helps you in planning your content. It uses drag-and-drop blocks for the adjustment of your publishing schedule.


It organizes entire content into folders by moving items quickly as per folders, topic, category, or client.

⇒Workflow Management

It quickly explains the multi-step workflow process with simultaneous and sequential substeps.

⇒Portfolio Hosting

Blogely helps you in finding clients faster through your content portfolio.

⇒Get Feedback

On published content, you can get feedback from Blogely. Even you can protect it with a password and turn it off or on with just one clock.

⇒Team Collaboration

If the creation of content is getting heavier, you can share it with your team to ease yourself.

⇒AI-Driven Assistance

You can strengthen your writing skill and create quality content with AI-generated restructured sentences.


You can manage your entire workload in your client’s workspace and view and complete assignments as a team member.

⇒Reusable Assignments

You can create templates from reusable workflow and save assignment blocks as rich text.

⇒Block Template

Content templates promote efficiency and repeatability, which can be saved with just one click. You can create reusable information blocks for inserting into every article.

⇒One-Click Backup

Blogely creates a quick backup and saves multiple backups, which you can quickly restore in two seconds for your entire article.

⇒Block Versioning

You can save multiple versions for creative writing and email sequences with the block version.

⇒Block Auto-Backup

Blogely systematically stores a copy of the entire article block named Auto. It is updated every 30 seconds and contains updated content for immediate use.

⇒Complete Block Statuses

Articles in Blogely consists of blocks with their status and separate entity. Entire blocks are shown in green, while incomplete ones are shown in red.

⇒Private Blocks

You can make any block in Blogely private by clicking on the eye icon. No one can print or access it and hide complete or incomplete status.

⇒In-App Compression

Its image resizing and compression feature without third-party apps give you complete control over images without exiting the app.

⇒Content Parsing

It brings posts of other bloggers into assets of your articles and displays them as references which enhance website traffic.

⇒HTML Code

All browsers, a great advantage, support the Blogely feature of unrestricted HTML.

⇒Full Asset Library

It maintains the assets library by managing all the pieces required for your posts, including documents, images, PDF files or files of any other format.

⇒Quick Post Sharing

It quickly shares your published article on multiple social media platforms to ensure enhanced traffic. It also provides an option for a reader to share blog articles on social media by adding a social media sharing button at the end of the post.

⇒Affiliate Links Management

Blogely is the best for managing your affiliate links, affiliate merchants, and descriptions of products. You can bring all your separate affiliate accounts to one place.

⇒Tracking Change History

It keeps a record of all changes in a block. You can visually see added or removed content in the block and restore if needed with just one click.


You can use the built-in messaging of Blogely to remain connected with clients or to sell your content.

⇒Multi-Channel Distribution

With Blogely, you can publish on Medium, Ghost, Blogger, and Shopify to capture different audiences.

⇒Giphy and Pixaby

Giphy and Pixaby are integrated with Blogely for adding content and images, respectively.

⇒Linked Notes

You can create rich text format notes attached with your article content block. These notes are easily searchable taggable, and you can assign them to any block of content.

⇒Inserting Tables

With this feature of Blogely, you can easily insert tables and images into your article, and for this purpose, you don’t need a plugin of WordPress.

⇒Chrome Extension

With its Chrome extension, you can easily collect content snippets online. With this feature, you can keep research tractable, organized, and accessible.

⇒Automated TOC

It automatically generates the Table of Content (TOC) and leaves a choice on whether you want to include it in a blog post or otherwise.

⇒Built-in Share

It synchronizes your entire list quickly by creating a two-way synchronization.

⇒Two-Way Synchronization

With its team chat feature, you can chat with each individual of your team members to keep conversations private.

⇒Team Chats

With its issues tracker feature, you can solve them by collaborating with team members and can keep track of issues and their solutions for future use.

Blogely Pricing Plans

With Blogely, You can create your content marketing, publishing, and research significantly less complicated.

Blogely comes with 5 pricing plans.

Free, Freelancer, Starter, Solo, and Growth.

Free Plan $0/Month:

  • Unlimited articles
  • 1 Content portfolio
  • Free portfolio hosting
  • Access to client’s workspace

Freelancer Plan $19/Month:

  • Unlimited articles
  • Unlimited notes & library
  • Editorial calendar
  • Versioning & templates
  • Backups & historical tracking
  • SEO optimization & keywords **
  • SEO recommended topics
  • Workflow management
  • Feedback & social sharing
  • 1 Portfolio
  • 10 Research Docs per mo
  • Export to clipboard

Starter Plan $29/Month:

  • All Freelancer Plan Features +
  • 2 Portfolios
  • 20 Research Docs per mo
  • 16 Published articles per mo
  • Blog list sync
  • 1 Website

Solo Plan $49/Month:

  • All Freelancer Plan Features +
  • 4 Portfolios
  • 80 Research Docs per mo
  • Unlimited publishing
  • Blog list sync
  • 6 Websites
  • Limited integrations ***
  • 120 SEO heatmap credits allowance
  • 1 Team seat member included

Growth Plan $99/Month:

  • All Freelancer Plan Features +
  • 10 Portfolios
  • 150 Research Docs per mo
  • Unlimited publishing
  • Blog list sync
  • 20 Websites
  • Unlimited integrations ***
  • 250 SEO heatmap credits allowance
  • 3 Team seat members included

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Final Comments

Blogely helps increase website traffic by SEO optimization of written content in just a few minutes. It is the best tool for online content creators, bloggers, content teams, freelance writers, and those looking for high-quality content that can drive effective traffic.

With Blogely, you can manage, organize, write, edit, and publish on your website.

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