Video editing is becoming an essential profession in the film industry and our personal lives, especially in today’s digital age. However, editing the video to make it more attractive requires technical knowledge and creativity.

Have you ever filmed a video but are stuck in editing due to the complexity of editing software?

Here is Pixelayers, a web-based video editor that enables users to edit videos easily and quickly.

What is Pixelayers?

Pixelayers is a clean and straightforward video editor which allows you to edit video without compromising its quality and efficiency. It is a simple and intelligent interface that helps you unleash your creative video creation and editing abilities.

Best alternative to :, Kapwing, and Clipchamp.

Best for : Content teams and video creators looking for a collaborative way to improve media creation workflows.

There is no need to download and install Pixelayers, as it enables its user to create and edit videos from the browser. It is an in-built and clean web interface that makes the creation of videos efficient and fast without compromising the editor’s functionality.

Feature of Pixelayers

Using Pixelayers will give you the experience of traditional software on your web browser with automation qualities and multitasks. Its essential features are:-

Color Correction and Filters

With the help of this feature, you can filter and then correct all those objects in the video whose natural light is not correct or it is not flattering the video.


This feature of Pixelayers makes it easy for you to connect different clips of your video into one without any visual cue. You will see just a change of scene, and no one will be able to tell that another clip has been added there.

Track Edit Tools

Pixelayers also contains track edit tools features that enable you to edit video and audio in the video. With this feature, you can edit video and audio tracks in a film shot by you.

Multi-Track Support

This feature of Pixelayers helps you edit multiple tracks in video, and you can edit any audio or video track in a video to make others prominent or dominant.

Text Customization

Pixelayers’ this feature has made it easy to add or customize the text in your videos. You can add a caption to your filmed videos and promote your brand with this feature.

Pixelayers - Drag and drop video editing

Easy Social-Media Sharing

After necessary editing of video, this feature helps you share your customized video on any social media platform as it has direct linkages with all social media platforms.

Animated Elements

Animated Elements enhance the beauty of videos. Pixelayers this feature allows you to customize, combine and blend your video easily by adding animated backgrounds, texts, and other elements.

Real-Time Collaboration

This feature is unique and exciting as it enables multiple editors to edit the same video with a real-time update to the chief editor or owner of the video. This feature makes editing very simple, easy, and quick.

Key Frame Animations

This feature of Pixelayers makes your video more attractive and appealing as it defines the start and endpoints of any transition.

Drag and Drop

This feature makes it easy for you to upload your video on the platform and start editing without waiting for a long duration of uploading the footage before editing. 

Media Library

It maintains a searchable and integrated media library from which you can use millions of stock images, videos, objects, audio clips, GIFs, and illustrations during your video editing.

Pixelayers Pricing Plans

With Pixelayers, you won’t need to manually upload or share files.

Pixelayers comes with 3 pricing plans.

Free Plan $0/Month:

  • No Watermarks
  • Stock Media Library
  • 15 Exports per month
  • 2GB Storage
  • 1080p Resolution
  •  10mins Video Duration

Premium Plan $18/Month:

  • All Free Plan Features +
  • Premium Support
  • Team Collaboration
  • 30 Exports per month
  • 10GB Storage
  • 30mins Video Duration

Business Plan $35/Month:

  • All Premium Plan Features +
  • Unlimited Exports per month
  • 30GB Storage
  • 90mins Video Duration

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Using Pixelayers, Unlock your creativity and improve the quality of your video creation workflow.


  • Lifetime access to Pixelayers Business Plan +
  • All Business Plan Features +
  • 50 video exports per month
  • 20 GB storage
  • 60 minutes max video duration
  • 1080p video resolution
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited access to the stock media library
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


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Final Comments

Pixelayers is an application that anyone wants for swiftly video editing, anytime and anywhere, without the restriction of slow computers upon installing heavy application software.

Now you do not have to wait for hours to edit and publish your videos online as the drag and drop facility of Pixelayers make it easy to edit video. In addition, social media collaboration make it easy to publish and share the video.

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