Do you know how you have to put your thought together before penning down a decent blog post? Well, how about a little assistance with the penning down part?!!

Introducing Bramework, This new tool has all it requires to turn your ideas into actual words. Words which, by the way, pass for a decent SEO-oriented write-up.

Overview of Bramework

Bramework, This AI-powered article writing assistant is designed to take your SEO needs into account. It has put into a single tool all you need to be a top ranker.

With Bramework, the only place fitting of your article is page 1. However, the tool’s new features allow it to beat the competition.

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Best for : Marketers, business owners, and freelancers looking to generate long-form blog posts in a fraction of the time.

Bramework allows you to generate the most creative AI-assisted article possible regardless of the topic. With this tool, your site is sure to see increased traffic.

Features of Bramework AI-powered writing assistant

There are tons of features and benefits that make Bramework the best of its kind. Let’s now see the features of this epic tool.

Image Finder

Gone are the days when you have to surf the web for several minutes to look for the perfect picture for your article.

With Bramework, the article is brought to you. If that is not the definition of convenient, what is?

Plagiarism Checker

With Bramework, you are getting the full grammar package. However, some tools require you to recheck grammar after generating the article.

With Bramework, the generated article is already ready to upload. Moreover, it has an automatic grammar checking function.

Title Generator

A great title is everything but easy to think of. However, another awesome feature of this tool is that it is no longer a problem.

Getting a decent title that is SEO-appropriate might be challenging. But with Bramework, you do not have to worry about that.

Top-Notch AI Writer

The AI writing function of this tool is directly linked to the internet. This means it has certain advantages that humans do not.

The AI writer can generate content based on current trends. So whatever is currently trending in the niche in question will be considered.

Hence, whenever you use this tool, you will be getting the latest information in the associated niche.

Recommended Keywords

Using Bramework means that you do not have to go through the keyword research. Instead, as a blog writer, you generate your content based on what people search for.

Bramework helps you do the necessary keyword research. Write-ups done by the tool are aimed to meet any keyword requirement any search engine might have.

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Build Brand Awareness

Bramework allows you to make a name for your brand. With the AI-generated articles, you could get an article whenever you want.

Hence your site or blog will be popular for uploading consistent and up-to-date content. This way, you’ll have the edge over any other competitors in the same niche.

Increase SEO Ranking

With all the mentioned features, your SEO ranking is sure to go up. As a blogger, this is the most attractive feature.

Bramework Pricing Plans

Bramework enables you to research keywords, generate titles and outlines, and optimize your final copy (quickly).

Bramework comes with 4 pricing plan

Basic, Starter, Professional, and Agency.

Basic Plan $19/Month:

  • 10,000 AI generated words
  • 1 user seat
  • Unlimited Projects
  • AI Writing Assistant +
  • AI Blog Title Generator
  • AI Blog Outline Generator
  • Unlimited Keyword Search +
  • Website Keyword Ranking Tool +
  • Plagiarism checker +
  • Copyright free images
  • WordPress integration
  • Export as HTML, PDF, TXT, DOCX

Starter Plan $49/Month:

  • All Basic Plan Features +
  • 40,000 AI generated words
  • 2 user seats

Professional Plan $79/Month:

  • All Starter Plan Features +
  • 100,000 AI generated words
  • 4 user seats

Agency Plan $119/Month:

  • All Professional Plan Features +
  • Unlimited AI generated words
  • 8 user seats

Get Bramework 7-Day Free Trial 

Final Comments

So far, the existing AI writing assistance tools have sounded a bit too rigid. But with the new features of Bramework, you do not have to worry about that. All the benefits of an AI-generated write-up with none of the drawbacks!

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