Getting your business or website high in the ranking of the search engine is compulsory in today’s digital world as research proved that most people see the result of the only first page of search engine. Getting a high ranking on the search engine is only possible through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is ongoing and cyclic activity.

Are you also looking for SEO tools or software to rank your business or website high on search engines?

Then SheerSEO is definitely for you. It is online software that automates your SEO activity.

Overview of SheerSEO

SheerSEO is software available online for SEO. It has all those professional features which are present in other software of SEO. However, it also contains some additional features designed for those business owners who do not have any professional knowledge of SEO.

SheerSEO - Monitor, Optimize and Achieve Good Rankings

Best alternative to : SE Ranking, AgencyAnalytics, Semrush, and Raven Tools.

Best for :Small business owners, SEO pros and Agencies.

This tool is specially designed for online business owners and webmasters. You do not need to install SheerSEO on your computer compared to other SEO tools, as it uses an online plugin.

Features of SheerSEO

SheerSEO, due to its unique features, is user-friendly and saves a lot of time for its user. Essential features of Sheer SEO include:-

Rank Tracking

It keeps track of your business or website rankings on Bing, Google, and YouTube to ensure a high ranking on search engines.

Keyword Explorer

It explores the best keywords for pages of your business and website. Its research for keywords is based upon competitors, related keywords, and Keyword Planner.

Estimate Traffic

It estimates the prospective traffic for your business and website and the value you will get from organic search and ranking.

SEO Audit

It also helps in finding issues related to the SEO of your website, filtering the type of these issues, rechecking them, and correcting them.

Analyze Backlinks

With the backlink analysis feature, you can see your website’s backlinks. Backlink analysis of SheerSEO includes page rank, URL, and link text.

Directory Submission

SheerSEO’s software of automated directory submission help in submitting your website on various web directories.

Analytics and Search Console

By using the Analytics and Search Console data feature, you can monitor its actual organic ranking and traffic.

Twitter Tracking

Twitter is an essential source for your website’s promotion. It keeps track of all those tweets containing the promotion of your website.

Facebook Tracking

You can also track your website’s activity on Facebook and then can share, mention, and comment.

Bloggers Outreach

Review blogs are an essential source of backlinks. This feature of SheerSEO finds relevant blogs and then automatically communicates with bloggers.

Page Optimization

It optimizes the content of your website given top-ranking pages of Google.

Mailed Reports

This feature of SheerSEO sends all reports through email in PDF/CSV.

Indexed Pages

The number of indexed pages in the search engine is crucial in getting your website’s high ranking and appearance on various search results.

SEO Competitor Analysis

This feature analyzes your website competitors by tracking their backlinks and rankings along with ranked keywords.

Backlink Checker

Backlinks are one of the essential factors in your website’s ranking. You can get alerts on dropping any backlink and guard them through this feature.


It summarizes all data acquired from numerous indicators that help measure overall progress.

Optimization Targets

This feature of SheerSEO focuses on the most valuable keywords and then improves off-page and on-page SEO.

Agency Account

Its agency account is ideal for SEO consultants, SEO agencies, or a company managing multiple domains.

White label

The white-label feature of SheerSEO helps you brand your product to show it to your clients.


With this feature, data collected by XML is easily accessible.

Keyword Density

 Analysis of the keywords’ density is critical for search engines to determine the exact nature of a website.

SheerSEO Pricing Plans

SheerSEO gives you everything you need to monitor your site and boost its rankings.

SheerSEO comes with 4 pricing plan

Standard, Advanced, Professional Thin, and Professional.

Standard Plan $10/Month:

  • Basic tracking
  • 200 Keywords
  • CSV/PDF Reports
  • Traffic Estimation
  • Analytics Integration
  • Google Search Console Integration
  • 10 Explorer Reports
  • 2 Site Audits
  • 2,000 Pages Crawled/Month
  • 20 Guarded Backlinks
  • 2 Optimization Targets
  • 10 Page Optimizations

Advanced Plan $15/Month:

  • All Standard Plan Features +
  • 400 Keywords
  • 50 Blog Reviews
  • 20 Explorer Reports
  • 4 Site Audits
  • 10,000 Pages Crawled/Month
  • 100 Guarded Backlinks
  • 2 Poll Now Requests
  • 10 Optimization Targets
  • 50 Page Optimizations

Professional Thin Plan $25/Month:

  • All Standard Plan Features +
  • 100 Keywords
  • 100 Blog Reviews
  • Competitors Analysis
  • 20 Explorer Reports
  • 4 Site Audits
  • 2,000 Pages Crawled/Month
  • 50 Guarded Backlinks
  • 2 Poll Now Requests
  • 100 Optimization Targets
  • 100 Page Optimizations

Professional Thin Plan $40/Month:

  • All Advanced Plan Features +
  • 400 Keywords
  • 100 Blog Reviews
  • Competitors Analysis
  • 100 Explorer Reports
  • 10 Site Audits
  • 40,000 Pages Crawled/Month
  • 100 Guarded Backlinks
  • 5 Poll Now Requests
  • 100 Optimization Targets
  • 100 Page Optimizations

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  • All Standard Plan Features +
  • Rank tracking of up to 200 keywords
  • 2000 Pages crawled/month


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Final Comment

SheerSEO is compulsory for making real progress in ranking your online business and website with Google. It tracks the ranking of more than 200 keywords and supports Youtube, Bing, and Google searches. With SheerSEO, you can save your precious time by monitoring and tracking your whole work in a convenient way for obtaining outstanding results.

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